Monday, February 13, 2017

Impressionist Chesapeake

Doesn't the water look like a French Impressionist painted it? Just me? Ah well.

So, I did a thing. @NASAOcean tweeted a picture of the lower Chesapeake this morning.

And all I could think was all of the federal wildlife lands in that Landsat image. So I downloaded it (good googly moogly it's huge - the original is here), colored them in, labeled them, and posted them here for you:
Original Image Courtesy USGS/NASA Landsat 8
Also included are two NASA facilities. I mean, why *wouldn't* you? They're right there!

Also also, I am not a professional map colorer; don't @ me about my crappy job - the borders of the refuges are more a guide for this image.

Also also also, not included are all of the state managed wildlife lands. There's actually a lot in this image. Land conservation and wildlife habitat preservation is a big deal on the Eastern Shore. We don't have a lot of land as it is, so we have to protect every precious parcel we have, which is threatened by rising sea levels due to climate change (links are only for Delaware information which isn't even in this image, because I live there and have them bookmarked for easy access to shut down the deniers).

Full Stop.
Take that to the bank.
Then get some Dippin' Dots.