Thursday, January 9, 2014

Astronaut Geisha

If you need a reason (YOU NEED A REASON?!?!) to like the Japanese band Asian Kung Fu Generation, and the artist Yusuke Nakamura that collaborates with them to do all of their album art, this would be it.

Their last album, titled Landmark (which you can buy in the US iTunes store, btw!), features a geisha in an EVA suit, on the moon.

Oh, the symbols! THE SYMBOLS!! Not to mention the cymbals [crash]. Littered through the cover image, you will find a reference to every song on the album, as well as recurring AKFG themes (the band members, parakeet, Fuji/Tokyo, cd, a girl).

I just find it a little weird that in her visor you can see the guys walking across the crosswalk with Tokyo Tower and Fujisan. Is her helmet pointed at the Stargate or something?

Favorite part of this? The floating cell phone still hooked up to its usb charger. Because Ajikan are #CHARGEAHOLICS obviously.