Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#ThingsNASAMightTweet - An Anniversary Of Sorts

Happy 56th Anniversary, NASA! You officially opened shop on this day in 1958! And, while your priorities and strategic goals are no longer mired in Cold War politics, your outcomes have inspired the world to aspire to your status in planetary and space exploration.

I think we can both agree that you've done some fairly awesome things since you've been around:

You've shown us a whole new world. Literally.

Humans on another planetary body!

So many ways to keep track of our world (LandSat images here)

 You've shown us ourselves. Again, literally.

Earth mote, via Voyager 1 (now in interstellar space!)
And an update to the above classic with Cassini, which should move you to tears.
You gave us this:

(via launchviewing)
Which gave us this:

Bruce McCandless, free-floatin' on STS-41B
And this: 

Every day we're Hubblin'

Aaaand this: 

The cake-topper to the Shuttle's accomplishments: the International Space Station

There are so many things that have been left out, I KNOW (or this post would never end), but the accomplishments I have included are astounding feats of humanity in and of themselves. We are amazing creatures, and we can do so much more if we center our focus on more of the things above, and less of the things of the killing and antagonistic sort.

It's good to have you this year, NASA. Let's go do some more stuff.
From October 17, 2013. Everyone was happy to go to work!