Thursday, January 8, 2015



These are the the highlights commemorating the 50th anniversary of the excursions by humans into the void of space, presented by the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

The eyecatcher is most likely the "slinky" of gloves

Last night they held a preview for Air and Space Society Members. The temporary exhibit officially opened today, and is on public display at the museum on the National Mall until June 8, 2015. I just wanted to share photos, and I will be returning (several times, most likely) because this is a wonderful gallery.
Disassembled Omega watch face from above

And from the front
This isn't just objects on display. This is thoughtful artistic consideration of how the objects should be presented, while still maintaining preservation of the pieces. They are interspersed amongst fine art relevant to Extravehicular Activities, and mission photography.

Gene Cernan's G4-C Pressure Suit from Gemini IX & a prototype cover layer in front

Ed White's Helmet & Gloves from Gemini IV
Air and Space has an interactive website you can peruse and learn even more about these objects and more. This isn't everything in the exhibit; this is only what I took photos of last night. There is SO much more.