Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fake Response Letter Is FAKE

Okay, guys. Sometimes, people forge some fairly high quality items. What I'm posting below is certainly not among them.

This guy, @JamieDMZ on twitter (because, twitter) has passed off onto too many gullible people, this letter, saying "NASA wrote back to me."

Come on, guys
Thank goodness NASA is good at twittering, because they responded to the guy with this tweet:

We could go into details why it's fake, but it should be obvious just by reading it (if you overlooked the gargantuan meatball logo and lack of agency contact information, which no real state or federal office would use as letterhead).

Further, Jason Townsend, one of the social media gurus at NASA, and all-around awesome guy, provided this link which shows what a REAL letter from NASA looks like (as if we didn't already, from all the lovely Instagrams of Astronaut Candidate Selection Rejection Letters over the summer).